Future Foods and concepts that engage

What will you be having for breakfast, lunch or dinner in 2050? Where will this food be sourced? And how will it be prepared? Edible insects? A hamburger made from cultured meat? Or powders based on your DNA profile? A unique Future Food exhibition in Amsterdam gives consumers, entrepreneurs and companies this summer new insights into future meals based on plantbased, animal based and functional food scenarios. Sandenburg concept creation worked together with organiser NEMO Science Museum to host an inspirational event on Wednesday 17 July for clients and relations, active in the food industry, foodservices and retail.

NEMO The Studio is situated in the middle of a bustling European hub for creativity and technology at Amsterdam’s former city-centre naval base Marineterrein. Vistors could feel the energy of the place which is full of start-ups. Managing director Markus Konings and concept strategist Rupert Parker Brady welcomed the group and invited them to learn, interact and be inspired. Guests included executives and company owners from Unilever Foods & Refreshment, Bagels & Beans, Koeckebackers, Landmarkt, Schiphol, HMS Host, Bakker Barendrecht, Total, Eazie, Anne & Max, Albert Heijn and Aldi.

Sandenburg presented the latest consumer trends and showcased its customer experiences for retail, foodservice and public space. The concepts focused on integrating future trends and developments like 3D printing (Zinzia), blurring (Landmarkt Ranzijn), co-creation (Unilever Global Foods Innovation Centre), healthy food (Total Cosie), wellbeing (Eazie) and personalisation (Tony’s).

Food futurist and designer Chloé Rutzerveld presented her inspirational vision of the food industry, supermarkets and society. Her installation Future Food Formula was one of the main exhibits. In her role as curator of the overall exhibition, Chloé invited all the guests to participate in an exclusive tour of the exhibition before drinks, healthy snacks and a sample of future foods concluded the programme in NEMO The Studio. Guests were very enthusiastic about the content and the new connections they made.

“The spaces between the exhibits are clearly separated and it is very easy to understand the exhibition”, said Nienke van de Streek, managing director Formula, Marketing & Sales of Aldi Netherlands. “I strongly believe that at some point the society will have to adapt to this new way of thinking and incorporate this new technology or new food ingredients, which we never would think of eating on a daily basis. The question is whether it is going to be sooner or later?”

Sandenburg Concept Creation would like to especially thank Chloé Rutzerveld for her expertise. The exhibition Future of Food can be experienced daily until 6 October 2019 at NEMO The Studio on Marineterrein Amsterdam

Nemo De Studio - Voedsel van morgen