Aristo Meeting Center

A proud family business with a new look! With the new corporate identity Aristo continues with the thing they do best: offering service-oriented and reliable meeting and learning environments.

But how does a meeting location appear to be relevant? How does Aristo offer visitors a memorable experience that remains relevant in the future?

The assignment
To answer those questions together with the management team of Aristo we reviewed the goals and values of Aristo. Through a couple of interactive sessions, we have formulated the purpose of Aristo: a regional facilitator who strives for the best possible climate for personal development. New insights in the purpose, goals and values of Aristo Amsterdam have led to a rigorous renovation of the interior, part of the exterior and the corporate identity.

The approach
The appearance of the building from Sloterdijk Station has improved enormously. A new entrance has been added, the previous main entrance has been moved and the façade has an inviting canopy. In addition, the glass façade has been made more transparent. This makes the building more appealing, also for visitors from the region.

The result
Behind the façade a completely new ground floor has been developed. By implementing the idea of ‘eat, drink, work, do, meet, be’ in the various spaces, all expectations can be fulfilled. Aristo Amsterdam has all the facilities to work and meet others in flexible meeting rooms. In a quiet part of the ground floor, a private area has been developed, specifically aimed at the requirements and wishes of the business guests. For visitors in need of relaxation and exercise, a special Work & Play has been set up.