Our expertise


We develop, design
and implement
customer experiences
for retail, foodservice
and public spaces.

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Valuable memories

Our concepts add value to the activities and objective of our clients and create valuable memories for the future amongst their customers.

Concept strategy

Our Concept Developers identify relevant trends and developments through desk and field research. They analyze the motives and objectives of your company and translate the outcomes into a Customer Journey of the (potential) target group. With this methodology we develop a clear vision for the concept. During the ideation phase we determine which aspects and values are important for the concept.

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Spatial Design

Our Spatial Designers translate the vision and strategy into an inspiring, three-dimensional environment. The functional quality and the feeling of well-being of the user are the most important for the spatial design. The spatial design, together with the graphic design, makes an important contribution to the visual identity of a concept. The look and use of materials play a major part in the spatial environment. This results in a continuous interaction between the environment and the user.

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Brand Identity

Our brand identity and graphic designers take care of the visual identity of brands and concepts. Through a distinctive graphic design, we integrate the brand and the brand identity in the physical and online environment. The close collaboration between our spatial and graphic designers ensures a perfect fusion between the graphic identity and the spatial design. This results in a complete and amazing brand experience.

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Urban development

Our spatial designers and project managers analyze cities and public areas. We advise municipalities and real estate developers about chances to make areas more attractive. For this we use, among other things, a Customer Journey of the (potential) target group.

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