Creation Model
From idea to opening

As methodology for projects we use the Creation Model developed by Sandenburg. This model reflects in clear phases the entire process from idea to opening. Concepts that have been created based on the Creation Model, meet all the preconditions to become a successful design.

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Based on your wishes we make an indication of which phases of the Creation Model apply to you. We provide insight into our possible contribution per phase.

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Phase 1 – Creation Model

Strategy & Vision Development

  • Determine needs and criteria
  • Goals and objectives
  • Identify and analyze
  • Vision and values
  • Concept strategy
  • Briefing

Phase 1

This phase is the foundation of the concept development. We define the interpretation of the concept and establish a framework for the design and realization.

Fase 2 – Creation Model

Ideation & Tangibility

  • Generate ideas
  • Make ideas tangible
  • Review and test ideas
  • Program of Requirements
  • Creative briefing

Phase 2

The phase Ideation & Tangibility forms the link between strategy and the spacial interpretation. We translate the the strategic ‘why and what’  to a concrete and tangible ‘how’. During a work session we discuss a few ideas.

Phase 3 – Creation Model

Design & Image Creation

  • Develop sketch plan
  • Test plan
  • Create Preliminary Design
  • Process feedback
  • Create Final Design

Phase 3

In the design phase our designers translate the vision of the concept into a physical environment. We develop a design that is appealing to the imagination and gives users new impulses and valuable memories.

Phase 4 – Creation Model

Building &

  • Prepare for production
  • Process procurement and contracting
  • Develop a mock-up
  • Test and review results
  • Start and coordinate building/production
  • Coordinate deliverables

Phase 4

Step by step the concept comes to life during the realization phase. The realization of both small and large scale concepts requires the guidance of specialists. The team has years of experience in realizing complex and comprehensive concepts for retail, foodservice and public spaces.

Phase 5 – Creation Model

Policy & Implementation

  • Determine and write guidelines
  • Create instructions: including text and images
  • Choose media type
  • Write manual
  • Implement in concept

Phase 5

In order to guarantee the success of a concept, the implementation phase is of great importance. Consistency, recognizability and unambiguity are keywords in creating an optimal brand experience and a consistent brand policy.