VodafoneZiggo Experience Centre

Hard to have missed: VodafoneZiggo has opened its new office in Hoog Catharijne, in the centre of Utrecht.

It is the perfect place for a company that wants to make the connection with people and be in the middle of society. Fun and progress in every connection – that is the purpose of VodafoneZiggo. The Experience Centre, which is designed and developed by Sandenburg concept creation and DST, is the place where this purpose comes to life.

The purpose of the Experience Centre is to offer all visitors a memorable, inspiring and relevant experience. You experience the impact of our future technological landscape. All digital developments soon speed up with the spread of 5G and faster gigabit speeds. You will discover how this effects society, healthcare, education, business, your career and your life. You will also get to know the goal, strategy and values of VodafoneZiggo as a driver of technological progress.

There are specific experience programs for various target groups. For B to B customers there is a program available in which they discover how the Gigabit Future effects them. For VodafoneZiggo employees there is a ‘reboarding’ program, in which they experience the company values in an interactive way. They become aware of digital technology, digital skills and future professions. But above all: co-creation is key in all of the different programs.